About Me

Hello, I’m Andy, and I’m grateful that you navigated to my portfolio.

I’m a passionate individual with a deep love for creativity, a commitment to environmental sustainability, and a penchant for finding humor in life’s everyday moments. 

I’m a motion graphics and video professional working from my home studio near Guildford, UK. I bring over 15 years of experience in 2D and 3D animation, along with a flair for post-production magic, to my work. I believe in striving for perfection in every project, whether it’s crafting ideas or executing them, and I have a versatile skill set that serves as my creative Swiss Army Knife. 

When I’m not immersed in the world of video, you’ll find me indulging in my passions, which include gaming, drumming, science, and engineering. Music, in particular, has been a constant companion on my life’s journey, and I’ve had the privilege of playing gigs, writing, and recording music for most of my life.

If you like what you see and think I might be the person for your project, please drop me an email. I even sometimes answer my phone when it rings!

I guess you could say that I was conditioned to end up in the creative industry. Both my parents were in advertising, my mother being a TV administrator for big ad agencies and my father was an editor. 

It wasn’t actually until my A-levels that I decided to move into the moving image scene myself as I’d previously wanted to be an architect, but the realisation of 7 years of Uni put me off. I also hit my mental capacity for maths and physics at A-level. Alongside these I also took Fine Art, but couldn’t see a career in it for me.

I was lucky enough to be accepted to Ravensbourne College (the Chislehurst Bauhaus) and started after a gap year of producing talking head videos for a hedge fund advisory company. 

After qualifying with a 2:1, I quickly got to work at EA Games creating UI previs and marketing materials for NFS Hot Pursuit, but left due to a pre-existing agreement with the guys at MVStudio to work on a stereoscopic animated feature film: A Liar’s Autobiography. From then on I’ve been constantly busy!

After Effects
Unreal Engine (Learning)
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What I Do

I offer a range of different services for all sizes of projects but you can always expect professionalism, honesty and a sense of humour.

Art Direction & Concepts

No idea where to start? Vague idea but not sure it’ll work? Good idea but can’t visualise it? You know what it’s got to look like but don’t know how to tell the right story?

Don’t worry, I can help.


An often overlooked part of the work I do is creating identities and guidelines specifically for video content. Having worked with some huge brands, you’d be surprised how few have fully considered the importance of a consistent identity in an age where content is king.

2D Motion Graphics

There is a huge demand for 2D content at the moment, especially with Covid messing up shoots. It’s cost effective, flexible and can end up looking amazing. Ranging from typography to character animation, the core of my skills are in this area.

3D (& soon, Unreal)

Whilst I don’t use C4D daily, I have used it for a number of projects over the years and know my way around it very well. However, it’s about to make it’s way back into my life, as I’m embarking on the Unreal Engine learning path.

Post Production

I am set up to handle a wide range of needs, from longform multicam 4k edits down to stock based teasers, compositing tasks from planar tracking in Mocha to point tracking in C4D. And of course there are times when the headphones go on, I zone out and rotoscope.

Colour Grading

I’ve purpose built my studio for working with colours accurately. The walls are 50% grey, I can block all natural light and I use a professional studio monitor capable of UHD HDR grading to 100 percent of sRGB, Adobe RGB and Rec. 709 colour spaces.

Get in Touch

Drop me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

+44 7871 338 109