I was called in by Dixon Baxi at the end of the project in order to provide the enormous number of deliverables needed for a TV rebrand. These include 16×9 versions, 4×3 versions, 14×9 safes, 4×3 safes, on stings, menus, promos… the list goes on! I spent the best part of two weeks in After Effects rendering everything as per Red Bee’s guidelines. In total, I believe there were about 50 different deliverables on the list, many of which also needed written guidelines (for logo exclusion zones, type colour, point size, kerning etc) for Red Bee to use on their systems. Some of the deliverables also meant that I had to tweak certain animations or layouts as they didn’t adhere to broadcast standards.

Read more about the rebrand on their website: http://dixonbaxi.com/uktv-yesterday-rebrand-2/