This project began in November 2012 and was supposed to be a turnaround of about a month, however the final project ended up finished and going live in August 2013! A project like this should not have taken so long but huge client changes forced restarts on graphics and D&E going out of business meant that completing the project was tricky. I started the project as Senior Hybrid Designer at D&E (and finished it as a freelancer) which saw me assume the role of lead designer too. Over the course of the project I worked leading a number of freelancers in order to complete the work, however it wasn’t until June that most of the work came together. After two reshoots, five major script overhauls (start again), two voiceovers, three music tracks and a storyboard that finalised at v26(!) we finally got the thing done.

Bring Run Once (v2) is due to go live in the UK only where it will have it’s own Microsite and some clever web trickery to make it into a working Bing Search Page.